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Prescription Medication Addiction

Most people view imprudent use of prescription drugs as inconsequential in comparison to hard core drugs. The fact that they are made by respectable companies, prescribed by doctors and dispensed by pharmacies, reinforces that perception.

Social Tolerance of Prescription Drugs

Although intended for health improvement, many prescription drugs are, unfortunately, also potentially addictive, with similar effects and consequences as “hard” drugs or illegal substances.

Because of the widespread legal availability of prescription drugs, it is more difficult for authorities to control their illegal exploitation than it is to combat “hard” drugs. Consequently, addiction is prevalent and growing.

Addictive Prescription Medications

Addictive prescription drugs can be classified as:

Examples of Prescription Addictions

Opioids are good examples of commonly abused prescription drugs:

Reasons for Prescription Drug Addiction

7 reasons why people become addicted to prescription drugs:

  1. Increasing the dosage because they think it will accelerate healing.
  2. Using it after the medical need is over, because they enjoy the “high”.
  3. Mixing it with other drugs to enhance the impact of the other drugs.
  4. To suppress the unwanted side-effects of their other regular drugs.
  5. Using it as a substitute when they stop using another drug.
  6. To stay awake, energetic, alert, sociable, meet work deadlines.
  7. To reduce emotional distress, or to overcome sleep disorders.

Prescription Drug Addiction Recovery

In most cases medical detoxification, and other medications for controlling the withdrawals, is required, accompanied by treatment of physical ailments. Psychotherapy is required for successful long-term recovery.

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Drug Abuse Treatment in South Africa Services

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