Drug Abuse Treatment in South Africa Services

Online Drug And Alcohol Addiction Recovery Programme

Finding suitable rehabs in South Africa is no small task. Thankfully we have done the hard work for you and provide unbiased advice that could help you or your loved one find your recovery.

Effective drug and alcohol addiction treatment is a deeply personal journey and finding a rehab centre that provides personalised guidance on applying tools and strategies that are going to work in the context of day to day life outside of the centre is of paramount importance. Seldom is the case where actual treatment can be summed up in a 28 day treatment programme. The journey into finding personal growth in addiction recovery is a deeply personal motivation that can only be undertaken by the person themselves. Effective 28 day drug rehab programs simply serve as a catalyst to their decision and provide the tools to sprout the next steps of the journey into a life free from compulsive substance use disorders. We cannot promise that any part of this journey will be easy, we can however assure you that it will be worth it.

Making The Most Out Of Your Treatment

We offer treatment for all types of alcohol and drug-related problems. You can read more about the different types of treatment here. All treatment is voluntary and is based on your own motivation. Therefore, you also have a responsibility for your treatment to work well. Meet each time to get the most out of your course. Talk to your councillor if you no longer think that you are benefiting from the programme you are in - they will be able to help you find a better treatment plan. The Changes rehab program is internationally aligned and scientifically proven to be at the forefront of addiction rehabilitation, using the direct cause treatment methods to address mental health and substance use disorders. Substance Use Disorders (SUD) are common across a broad segment of our society and are thought to adversely affect up to 1 in 10 people in South Africa.

Thanks to recent advancements in psychiatry the treatment of people with substance use disorders is becoming increasingly more effective.

Studies have shown that patients that are able to commit to a customised treatment plan that effectively deals with the underlying drivers of their addictions are far more likely to fully recover from these addictions than ever before. Irrespective of the drug in question or the length of use or the quantity of use many people have with the right treatment be able to break free from the addictive processes and lead normal and fulfilling lives in recovery.

Alcoholic Recovery in Cape Town

With each recovery programme, you will get a personal drug abuse counsellor, who will become your adviser through the course of your treatment. Together you will prepare a plan for your treatment and manage the progress. Our Rehab in Cape Town facilitates individualised and directly supported clinical care within a tranquil recovery community setting. Our addiction treatment councillors are trained to address substance use and mental health and trauma problems simultaneously.

Drug Abuse Recovery in Cape Town

We deal with substance abuse problems that include dagga, cocaine, MDMA, ecstasy, amphetamines, opiates like heroin and prescription medication addictions in the Cape Town rehab centre.

Ambulatory Rehab Treatment Services

Most often your treatment will be in one of two formats inpatient or outpatient-based. Aside from the personal daily one on one therapy sessions, you will also meet in group programmes set out in your treatment protocol. That way, you can be in treatment and fit your work or study at the same time. We encourage you to involve your family or immediate support network in treatment as it often helps in producing long-term sustainable results. Your councillor will continuously monitor and coordinate your custom addiction treatment plan.

The decision to act NOW on drug abuse counselling may be the factor that saves your own life, or the life of someone you love.

How do I know if I need rehab?

If you have a mental health condition or substance use disorder that hinders your ability to function in your day-to-day life, looking into rehab could be a good idea. Rehab also offers a retreat from your normal environment that allows you to focus entirely on healing, which many people find beneficial even if their conditions are less severe.

If you have a mental health condition or substance use disorder that hinders your day-to-day life, exploring rehab may be the answer for you. Rehab offers refuge from our modern world and an opportunity to focus solely on healing - even if it's not severe.

Here are five ways to prevent substance disorders

Drug Abuse Treatment in South Africa Services

Online Addiction Counselling and Outpatient Programme

In the convenience of your home or office, Recovery Direct provides virtual addiction treatment online. Participants in the online outpatient programme receive the same high-quality care by utilising the same essential, evidence-based curriculum for which Gateway is renowned. Given the current climate, many people prefer to stay at home instead of attending a programme despite still needing addiction recovery services.

Recovery Direct is South Africa's leading addiction programme for the treatment of drug abuse and addiction. This private alcohol & drug rehabilitation online programme provides a multifaceted approach comprising both individual and group therapy across many formats.
Sunrise had its beginnings in 2015 under the guidance of Vaughan Pankhurst, a renowned addiction treatment specialist. With over 20 years of experience, Sunrise has developed a full spectrum of affordable, quality treatment services.